The members of the Governing Body will fill their posts for two years and can be succeed themselves once only.

The Governing Body is to oversee the fulfillment of the Association objectives, mainly:

  • Representing the associate’s interests in front of any public or private organism that may have a direct or indirect relationship with the activities of this Association.
  • Promoting the upgrading of the associates through activities aimed at that purpose.
  • Creating, furthering, collaborating ad promoting courses, study fellowships, and any kind of activities tending to improve the welfare and the intellectual and working training of the associates.
  • Ensuring the professional progress and development of the associates.
  • Informing authorities of problems and needs of the associates
  • Organizing Congresses and Meetings for the associates.
  • Promoting, organizing, sponsoring, and collaborating in the staging of events related to the activities of the associates.

The present Governing Body is made up by:

  • Myriam Carrasco Hidalgo Position: President
  • Jelenia Osses Position: Vice-President
  • Patricia Garabito Position: Executive Financial Officer
  • Maria Angélica Reichert Position: Secretary
  • Jean Albert Rauld Position: Director
Myriam Carrasco - APGT AG Presidente

Myriam Carrasco Hidalgo – APGT AG President

Jelenia Inés Osses Marchant – Vice-President

Patricia Garabito Valdés – Treasurer

María Angélica Reichart – Secretary

Jean Albert Rauld Souyris – Director