Covid-19 Prevention and Attention Protocol

Our protocols abide by the recommendations for Tour Guides prepare by a committee made up by the Tourism Undersecretary and Tourism National Service, in accordance with instructions and recommendations issued by the Chilean Health Ministry.

The actions we are to take to conduct an excursion are:

  • Attached to the excursion booking:
    • The traveler will be sent information concerning guidelines adopted in relation to the contingency plan for Covid 19, requesting compliance with them.
    • o The Passenger will be requested to send a Health Condition Statement in writing.
    • The excursion will be planned and existing risks associated to the activity and the characteristics of the group to be guided, deciding how the visit is to be conducted and where the tour will take place, based on the risk assessment and the regulations and/or any restrictions applicable by the various service providers (Museums Monuments, Natural spaces, etc.).
  • Before beginning the excursion:
    • Every working tool used by the Guide must be duly disinfected.
    • The Guide will check, before the beginning of the arrival of the tourist or tourists, that the Tour Transportation Services have also complied with the good operation and prevention practices, including sanitization, cleanliness and hygiene.
    • The Guide will also check COVID symptoms (fever, cough, breathing problems, sore throat, headache in passengers
    • Passengers will be provided with masks and alcohol gel if requested.
    • In addition to giving a cordial welcome and giving confidence to the tourist (s), the guide will give an induction talk on the current protocol for the prevention of Covid 19.
    • The guide will inform travelers about the health services they can go to if they require medical attention during their stay and will have phone numbers, addresses, and means of transportation to reach them, available.
    • Before beginning the tour, the Guide will describe the route, to identify possible critical complex points so as to identify self-control and safeguards, as implemented and explained in the induction presentation.
  • During the excursion:
    • Handshakes, kisses, sharing hygiene elements and foodstuffs will be forbidden.
    • Every member of the group must wear a mask at all times.
    • Every element used in the tour, such as maps or leaflets must be sanitized every time they are used.
    • The Guide will inform the specific regulations for each place to be visited, such as Museums, National Parks, Restaurants, etc.
    • The Guide will sanitize personal belongings, such as backpack, clothes, bottles, etc. before and after every activity.
    • Who is responsible for providing the Tourist Guide with the safety elements for the covid-19 contingency plan?
      • 1) If the Tourism Guide is working for a Travel Agency, the latter is responsible for providing all safety elements plus extra masks, alcohol gel, should any Passenger so request.
      • 2) If you have booked the excursion directly with the Tourism Guide, this Guide will be responsible for the supply of all elements mentioned above (as stated in the “Tourism Guide Good Practices Guidelines” issued by the Tourism Under Secretary’s Office.

In the following link you will find the Guide to Good Management and Prevention Practices against COVID-19 for Tourism Guides