Why hiring a Tourist Guide?

Are you visiting the Central Area of Chile?  You might think that a Tour Guide is unnecessary if you are visiting some friends and search for information in internet or in guide book. It can be in just one click in your computer. And it might be true.

But the thing is that our qualified members are prepared to give you trust and a complete set of choices to fulfill your expectations beyond pressing a button. And the reasons why are shown below.

  • Making the most of your time. One of our qualified members can help you make the most of your visit in a clear and entertaining way. He will give his guests advisory, an invaluable service to make the best use of their time.
  • You will get the most of each tour. We provide you with a rich and living experience of who, what, where and when in terms of the people and locations in Chile.
  • You will listen much more than facts and stories. We have the ability to make the tour come alive for each guest so you can also discover unique stories and details about the spots you visit. If children are on board, as a party in the tour, they´ll become fully aware and excited, delighted with the experience.
Guide Working
  • Asking questions. You´ll get a richer and profound understanding of the areas you visit. And it can even become a learning experience. Our qualified members and their particular proficiency include wine appreciation, urban and native flora, history, architecture and language among others. They´ll be pleased to answer your questions.
  • Tailor made tours. We are flexible and willing to provide tailor made experiences for visitors according to their particular interests and requirements
  • Become a native. Seeing a city through a local lens makes it so much more than a destination. It can give you a profound awareness of their city`s spirit and soul. And you will feel an intimate connection with people and places. We are aiming at matchmaking-connecting our guests with like-minded local insiders who instantly become a friend in the city. Thus, we are ready to answer about a wide range of subject matters such as public transport or that particular food that you have heard of, and you would like to try and where. Our members are a mine of information for you to have a rewarding and memorable experience.
  • Our members are a bit more than Tourist Guides. They press the button of curiosity on our hosts. It is just where exploration begins. We can unlock the magic of the city in a restaurant, a nice site for photographs, secrets and hidden corners to be revealed. Including where a regular tourist does not visit. So questions about daily routine, breeding of children, transport, schools, or any other specific subject related to accomodations, hotels, shopping, restaurants etc., will be answered giving you the best options to guarantee your entire satisfaction. We are responsive to lead you from technical subjects to a particular shopping.

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