Members Benefits

The Professional Tourist Guides Association of Santiago, Chile, APGT AG., constantly works to help its members to enhance their skills and find new ways to develop their jobs.

  • Training
    Trainings are organized in different areas for members, our objective is to enhance the capacities to develop, innovate and provide quality services to our passengers.


  • Field Trips
    With the aim of continuing to grow professionally, we constantly organize field trips to discover new destinations and tourist products to be integrated into our tours.


  • Social Activities
    In order to strengthen relationships between partners, meetings are organized to share experiences.


  • Representation in front of governmental and private entities.
    We represent the interests of our partners in front of all kinds of public and private organizations that have a direct or indirect relationship with the activity of the partners.


  • Job Bank
    As an association we consider it necessary to be continuously looking for new job opportunities for our partners, either through tour operators, platforms and applications of tourism services and also as entrepreneurs, being recognized as providers of quality tourism services.
APGT AG Members Benefit

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