These are the Tourist Services that we deliver as the Professional Tour Guides Association Of Santiago, Chile. APGT AG.

  • Excursions: As members of the Professional Tourist Guides Association, we are fully qualified and experienced in guiding the whole of Chile. Both individuals and groups. We  lead an excursion you to have fun from start to end. And you will get a wide comprehension of this experience.

    So here you can find a few suggestions as it follows:

    • City tour in Santiago. Half and full day.
    • Valparaíso and Viña del Mar
    • Excursions to the Andes Mountains
    • Outing to most famous and traditional winegrowing areas in Central Valleys such as Aconcagua, Casablanca, Maipo, Cachapoal, Colchagua, Curicó and Maule valleys.
    • Customized tours tailored to your special needs. Architecture in Santiago, in depth visit in museums. Art development in the country, wine culture, an insight into the indigenous, pre-Columbian cultures, such as mapuche, trekking in the mountains, strolling about urban and native flora or simply a food tour, our gastronomy as an anthropological expression, etc.
  • Circuits: Our associates can undertake any engagement of special interest and themed tours, from a short visit to a museum or site to a tour lasting days or even weeks in Santiago, its surroundings and Chile.

  • Virtual Tours: Enjoy, know and learn from the comfort of your home. Tour guides, from their homes, present a destination or theme with the support of videos, images and music. Also, they can be live virtual excursions, walking from the same tourist sector to present (the feasibility depends on the internet signal in that specific sector). Includes time to ask questions of the guide and breaks to take pictures.

  • Transportation:

    Some of our associates are licensed professionally to drive their own transport as well as we have excellent relationships with the Association of Tourist Transporters, ATT, in Santiago.

    They comply all legal requirements, permits, insurances ruled by the Ministry of Transport. Therefore, we are a perfect liaison between your requirements and services we/ they can provide. Some of which are offered upon request. As it is shown below:

    • Transfers airport, Santiago, airport
    • Airport or Santiago to Valparaíso or Viña del Mar
    • Airport or Santiago to Port of San Antonio
    • Airport or Santiago to Hotel Valle Colchagua
    • Transfers to Central South and Central North of Chile.
    • And others upon request.

  • Hospitality desk:  We make visitors feel welcome. If you would really like to give an accurate and reliable information to your guests participating in a convention, a conference, a seminar, a local or an international meeting. Or if you are hosting some business, university or tourism group or any other topic, our qualified associates have in-depth knowledge of their area and they are trained for the visitor’s safety. They may provide with information about what is currently going on locally, in the country as well as advisory, regarding history, language, local daily routine and habits, art, museums, a typical quarter, a local market, a restaurant, a vineyard, shopping, national parks, wine-making art, and many other attractive issues and spots.

    And even better, if you wanted to explore any of their recommendations, we can give you professional planning if required.

  • Trip Leader or Tour Conductor: Our members are not confined to local tours. Many of them have extensive experience working as tour directors or tour conductors on long distance tours to various destinations within Chile and in Argentina. Even South America.

We guarantee professional planning and assistance to operate and carry out complete custom-made private tours in Chile.