The desire to grow as an association and help our partners to train continuously, led us as a directive to apply for a short but intense project, in search of benefits in multiple aspects, both for our partners and also in our relationship with the community.

We were one of the union organizations that benefited from SERCOTEC’s Reactívate Asociativo project. Thanks to this we were able to fulfill our wishes in less time and prepare ourselves in a better way for the reactivation of tourism that we are looking forward to.

In addition to opening the way to new job opportunities for members, diversifying the activity but without moving away from what we enjoy the most, creating and making memorable excursions for travelers in Chile, we are happy to present what we have acquired thanks to SERCOTEC:

  • Website: We will be able to be in direct contact with the community and with travelers, both national and international, making known our multiple services and continuous activities, to continue growing as professionals, helping entrepreneurs and the tourism-related community thanks to our advice and training.

  • Digital Dossier digital: Given the current situation and new trends, we believe it is necessary to expand our way of promoting ourselves, with the creation of a digital dossier, we will be able to present ourselves at digital tourism fairs as well as to institutions that may require our services.

  • Institutional jackets, new credentials, digital business cards: our member-guides will be recognized as part of the Association, which supports them. These elements verify your membership in our Association and will guarantee your participation and quality as active members.

  • Masks, face shield, digital thermometer: We want to be prepared for the reactivation of tourism in Chile and give more security to the companies that work with us and also to the visitors.

  • Vehicle microphone and voice amplifier: These implements are necessary for guides at all times, but now they are more necessary in a pandemic situation. The voice of the guide is one of the precious things we have, without a voice it is difficult for us to share stories, traditions and the culture of our country. Therefore, we must take care of it. With these implements we ensure that we always have this help and thus be able to use them in vehicles and groups of any size, improving the traveler’s experience.

  • First aid kit: In our work we must always be prepared for all kinds of situations, both in the excursions we do in urban and rural areas. In order to be better equipped, we have acquired a first aid kit for each member that has 121 pieces.

  • Projector, curtain and tripod: They will help us provide visual support to our in-person meetings and trainings for partners and the community, taking advantage of the specializations of our partners.

  • Computer: The acquisition of a Notebook seeks to concentrate and organize all the information of the Association, in addition to being used for the different meetings and trainings, both for the members and for the community, seeking the diversification of our activity.